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  1. I am pretty sure that both wall types were the same, but I changed them both to something different (well, different "wall type" but same composition) and that fixed the problem. Thank you!
  2. I am trying to set my dimension at the edge of the framing, as shown in the attached picture. However, Chief seems to be adding a small section of wall that I can't select and it putting a break in one of the walls that I can select. When I extend both of the walls selected in the picture, the break goes away. When I bring the walls back to where they need to be, the break comes back. A dimension that was in place before the issue showed up is still in the right place, but I can't place my new dimension in the same place as that one (it just keeps snapping to the automatically added break). How can I fix this? Thanks
  3. I am running Chief Architect Premier X6 and am trying to get a plan ready to send to the township for approvals. However, I am having a lot of problems adding dimensions. When I use the automatic exterior/interior dimension tools, how can I easily remove/add dimensions? Sometimes the plan puts in too many dimensions. I know that I can click and drag the number away to get rid of it but the surrounding dimensions do not change to include that space and I can't seem to change them manually. Also, how can I add a dimension to a line of automatically generated dimensions? For example, Chief is not showing a dimension for the location of a half wall that runs perpendicular to an exterior wall, and I can't seem to figure out how to add it in. Thanks!
  4. I had tried checking and unchecking a lot of boxes but nothing worked. Apparently I didn't try that box because it fixed my problem. Thank you!
  5. I am having a wall height issue in a few different places. I had lots of issues with the roof over these areas but I have since fixed these issues. However, the walls are still not correct. I've tried deleting and replacing the affected walls but that's not changing anything. Also, I've checked all of the ceiling heights and they are all set properly. Selecting the wall and trying to use the handles to drag it up is not working (can't get a straight line, end up with a lot of handles and weird wall sections). Any suggestions? A picture of what I'm dealing with is attached as well as the plan file. I tried to upload the plan itself but kept getting an error message. Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know how to create a direct vent gas fireplace in Chief X6? Or, is it possible to download fireplace catalogs that might include this other than those available on the Chief Architect website? All I can find is "Modern Fireplaces" there. Also, when I try to place a fireplace in the program I can't get it to be "within" a wall. I will only go on either side of a wall. Thanks!
  7. The wall materials were not properly defined. The framing was actually defined as an insulation air gap. Totally missed that detail. Thank you!
  8. Hello. I am running Chief Architect Premier X6. When I generate an orthographic floor overview, I only see one layer of drywall and the program leaves a hole where walls intersect. How can I change the settings so that the entirety of the walls are displayed? Also, this issue appears to only apply to interior walls. Thanks!