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  1. Stuckit

    Framing a Pony Wall

    I was hoping for an easier path that I thought I might be missing. But thanks to everyone who contributed. Thanks Sherry and Curt for the answer!
  2. Stuckit

    Framing a Pony Wall

    Ok Chopsaw, thanks. Hopefully there is an easier way. I already defined the walls as pony walls and they just wont display in the 3D framing . I'm still really clunky with the cad work.
  3. Stuckit

    Framing a Pony Wall

    The first floor is being raised the two feet, because they want ten foot ceilings on the first floor. then the platform for the second floor. So I need to know how to display that additional two feet. So youd have the top plate of the original wall. Then the base plate, studs and top plate of the pony wall on top of that. Right now its only displaying the new wall as a single unit of plates and studs.
  4. Stuckit

    Framing a Pony Wall

    Im having issues displaying the framing I need for a pony wall. The house is starting off with a standard 8 ft ceiling height and will need to go up to 10ft as an addition is added upstairs. So I need the existing top plate to be married to the pony wall to raise the total height the two feet. The problem I'm having is that I cant get that to display in the framing model. I have the wall types all set as pony walls but when it builds the framing it just shows it as a single standard wall. Any guidance? -Newb using X8
  5. Stuckit

    Roof to wall intersection problem

    If I move the roof plane away from the wall I lose the overhangs I want. I attached a pic of the front side that looks correct, but the roof still goes thru to the pic of the backside. I'm having issues uploading the plan to my reply in both advanced and basic uploader.
  6. Im using Premier X8 and I am completely new to this program. I just cant seem to solve this issue. I want the roof to end at the wall, not go thru it. Except the slight overhang on either side. The wall is supposed to continue to the floor separating the two spaces. I've closed the wall in some instances and the roof sticks thru the wall into the room. I'm plowing thru tutorials until my head spins. I've tried every variation I can think of in the various windows, but I'm not having any luck..