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  1. Good call Lew, problem solved. When Windows updated my PC, it rolled my graphics drivers to a WHQL version, which stopped chief from working. Chief Support had me DL the latest from Nvidia (the driver that prevented chief from running was only 20 days old) and it worked without a hitch. thanks, Jason
  2. Good morning, I allowed windows 10 64 bit to do an update last night, and this morning Chief wont start up. I tried to use the repair tool on the downloads page, and files were transferred, but still no action. I try to run as administrator, nothing. It was working fine Friday. Anyone else? Any tips? Win 10 Pro version 1703 OS build 15063.296 Processor i7 2600K 3.7GHz 16.0 GB Ram 64 Bit
  3. Jason_M

    Roof Options Missing

    Thanks Joe, that did the trick
  4. Jason_M

    Roof Options Missing

    Chief 9.0 thru x8 core i7 intel, 32 gig DDR2, NVidia GTX 980, Samsung SSD. Win 10. I see the interior ceiling finishes in the structure tab, but not the roofing materials.
  5. Jason_M

    Roof Options Missing

    I can't change my roofing material. I'm pretty accustomed to switching materials and or editing materials. In my roof planes specifications dialog, under materials, Roof Plane is listed without a material selected, and the only options I can edit are: Fascia and Soffit/Eve. I've changed roofing materials a lot in the past, can't get around this one. If I change the ridge cap material, it only adds the ridge cap profile and changes that strip. I am using a gambrel roof, so maybe that has something to do with it?