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    Chief Architect 9.5CD

    If you still have your 9.5 CD, I would be interested in renting it from you and pay shipping both ways.
  2. RMGinCT

    Chief Architect 9.5CD

    Tried EBAY...there was one listing and I missed out on the bid...went higher than expected considering how out of date the program is. It is disappointing that I have not been able to get any support, leads, or suggestions from manufacturer.
  3. RMGinCT

    Chief Architect 9.5CD

    Computer crashed; cannot locate 9.5 CD. I am trying to locate a Chief Architect 9.5 CD to reload onto computer using my existing CD key. If there is anyone who has a CD available to buy, rent, or borrow, I would love to to hear from you.