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    can't find my most recent house design file

    I have another question, if you have a moment....I saved one of my house designs as a pdf file onto my desktop. I can no longer find that file in my archive and need to download it back into Home Designer Suite so I can work on it. Do you have any idea how I can do that? thanks!
  2. chiefsusi

    can't find my most recent house design file

    ...thanks, Jerry...that worked!
  3. I have the home designer 2016. I have been working on a house design for weeks now and last night I had to shut my computer without being able to save the file I was working on. Normally, when I open house design it asks me if I want to use the auto save feature, I say yes and then it opens to the file I closed out on the night before. However, this morning when i turned the computer back on, it didn't prompt me for the autosave and the file I was working on yesterday is no where to be found....only much older versions of the same house design. Any suggestions on where I might find my current file?