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    Shed roof

    I need to know how to design a shed roof over an existing slab. The roof will be attached to an existing exterior wall. The area under the roof will be open. I plan on attaching a 2"x6"x 7'10" to the existing wall at a height of 8'. I will have standoff post bases that will incorporate 4"x4" posts at a distance of 7'6" with a height of 7'6" from the existing wall with a nailer of 2"x6" at the top to attach the roof joists. When I try to make a plan from the tutorials, I get a gable roof. Any discussion or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  2. sheriff12

    Can't access REFERENCE DISPLAY

  3. sheriff12

    Can't access REFERENCE DISPLAY

    I'm new to this program. How do I know if I'm in PLAN VIEW or 3D?
  4. sheriff12

    Can't access REFERENCE DISPLAY

    I added a floor to my first floor by selecting BUILD > FLOOR > BUILD NEW FLOOR. Then selecting DERIVE new 2nd floor plan from the 1st floor plan and. clicking OK. Then, I tried to select TOOLS > REFERENCE FLOORS > REFERENCE DISPLAY. When I clicked Tools > Reference Floors, Reference Display will not select because it is dimmed in the menu. I also tried pressing F9 on my keyboard. The screenshot I included will show what I mean. Thanks for any help!