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  1. Shane, Thanks for the link to that video, I searched for almost the exact same phrasing but it did not come up. I appreciate the help. Bill H
  2. Are there any videos on how to create timber-frame trusses for a 3-season room application. I tried to search but did not get a good sample back...any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Does Chief have any symbols on Superior brand fireplaces? If so, where would I access them? Thanks! Bill
  4. Thanks Chopsaw, When I go to the link you gave and I download those CAD details I just get 2D details. Is there a certain procedure to get 3D details? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Joe, I finally found the bonus library downloads and installed them.
  6. I'm fairly new to C/A and I wondered if there is a way to import Simpson joist hanger profiles into C/A X8? Thanks!