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    Default Wall Material not saving

    Gawdzira, excellent, that worked. I'm a little confused why it doesn't simply work through the materials or using the "set as default" like all other other object types but i'll take it! cheers!
  2. Gawdzira, no i have not submitted. I tend to procrastinate on these types of things but would definitely appreciate it if you sent it in
  3. slowrolls

    Default Wall Material not saving

    Thanks for the response, but your instructions is exactly what i typed in my post. I tried to make the change from the Defaults. I also tried making it to a single wall then using the "Set As Default". Neither solution works. it doesn't stick. I also mentioned that i followed this exact process for something else (the doorway), which works correctly.
  4. thanks for confirming about the bug. another quirk i will have to live with
  5. using X8. Default Settings -> Walls -> Exterior Wall -> Edit -> Materials - Exterior Wall Surface: Default: Gray3 Siding If i try to change this to something else (like Beige Stucco), Hit OK. When adding a wall, it still uses Gray3 siding. If i change one of my walls to the Stucco, then while still selecting the wall, i click the "Set As Default", it will ask me "The Exterior Wall Defaults will be updated. Do you want to continue?" if i say yes, and i go back to my wall, select Materials, Exterior Wall Surface, and select a material, then i check the box for Default, it goes right back to the gray3 siding.. so frustrating! any idea whats going on? EDIT: Just to add, that this does not occur while setting defaults for other objects, but with Wall Types, this occurs. I tested with Doorway and all works well so i know my process is correct.
  6. ive attached 2 pictures, first being one that i added a wall material region on the outside of the house (did this to show you the problem). the 2nd picture is on the inside and the light switch appears to be floating away from the wall. if i delete the wall material region (the rectangle outside of the house), the light switch goes back to the wall as normal. is this a bug or normal behavior? if so, what am i doing wrong? version X8
  7. slowrolls

    how do i apply multiple materials to a wall?

    thanks, i had forgotten about using a wall material region
  8. Ok this one has me completely stumped. I attached 2 images for reference. I have created an entry room with a high ceiling and the front corner of the room shares the wall with the garage which will have its own roofing and ceiling height. the problem is the materials for the 2 pieces of wall inside of the garage that share the wall with the entry room (see second picture) is the exterior material (beige stucco) instead of drywall. if i try to change that material to drywall, it makes the entire front exterior of the entry wall as dry wall which is not what i want. I had tried using break wall but that only lets me break vertically and not horizontally which is what i need i think. any suggestions? i'm on version X8