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  1. It seems checking the "flush eves" box fixed the soffit issue (sort of). I don't want flush eves on the adjoining wall, so now I have to figure out how to accomplish that...
  2. Any ideas why soffits won't meet up at gable/hip transitions?
  3. I have rebuilt framing, but that's a good suggestion! I'd rather not raise the roofs so I can keep the standard wall heights, but maybe I can pull the OSB flooring back in the attic by using some invisible walls.
  4. As shown in the screen shot below, I have somehow managed to create a plan that generates seemingly random framing members protruding through roof planes as well as one area where the soffits refuse to meet. I've tried adjusting walls and roof planes, but I'm not sure where to start here? 20231009
  5. So simple! Thank you Gary! Would you happen to know why there is a ceiling plan below the stairs where they cut into the garage wall, but none where they cut into the closet wall?
  6. I have been trying to figure this one out and have had no luck. The screen shot below should demonstrates my issue with walls not generating at the front of my dormer. It's also creating walls on the interior that I don't want. I'd like this to be a floating dormer, but the auto floating dormer feature will not allow the front wall to be over an exterior wall like I need. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks to to all in advance! Ivy Woods
  7. Thank you for taking the time to do this!
  8. I have uploaded the proper zip file. I did not adjust the bonus room ceiling height after lowering the garage ceiling. Ivy Woods 80'-10 House
  9. I cannot figure out, despite many hours of experimentation and forums searching, how to lower a bonus room floor over an attached garage so that the top of the floor in the bonus room is even with the top plate of the framing of the garage below. I have tried different variations of "hang floor platform above on wall". I have played with the ceiling height of the garage. The garage room dbx always shows the bottom of the floor structure for the bonus room above the top plate of the garage. The plan I need to do this on attached if anyone finds it necessary. This screenshot is the closest I got, but lowering the ceiling in the garage and hanging the floor platform lowered the eaves on the gable and split the roof planes above. Ivy Woods 80'-10 House
  10. Would it be possible to wrap these roof overhangs, as I crudely demonstrated in the included screenshot, without turning off automatic rebuild roofs? I've also attached my plan inside the zip archive. Thank you! Matt CA Premier X15 Lenovo Legtion 7 Laptop | Windows 11 Pro | Intel i9 32GB | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
  11. I've partially managed to accomplish my goal of creating "X" shaped beams in a tray ceiling, but I'm just not sure how to miter the ends so that the plan view looks correct.
  12. Wow! How helpful Steve! Thank you for taking the time to teach me this with a video!
  13. How might I be able to accomplish this roof design in Chief Architect (specifically the two pitches of shed roof on one plane). I do apologize that this is such a general question, but I am untrained and happy to clarify any questions you may have. Thank you in advance.