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  1. Well, I certainly got an answer to the question "is this normal?" The answer is ... YES. Well, I certainly got an answer to my question, "Is this normal?" Answer is ... yes. Thanks to all, and Dermot for your eventual explanation. Kbird1 gets kudos for explaining what the forever nebulous "Behavior Indicators" means.
  2. Yes, very frustrating; I've been using since 1993 V1. When Terrain tools became available, I ignored them because I did not need to use them. I'm just now learning I'm not too interested in using them again.
  3. Thanks, but I'm not sure this helps. As stated something has affected a change to the terrain and the icon means that a build is pending. I suspected that but what does changing a cabinet size have to do with the terrain? I'm doing normal plan object changes, not terrain object changes, like cabinet resizing when the icon shows.
  4. I'm new to using terrain tools. I have installed a terrain for a plan. While working on non-terrain items in this plan often, but not always, the update terrain icon appears. To remove it I have to click on the build terrain tool. Is this normal? Thanks X-12 Premier
  5. Thanks, I don't see the auto-save feature ... I have to manually save it ... ?
  6. I'm not worried about judgements at this point in my 78 YO life! How did you guys post the picture of the wall directly in your post?
  7. Thanks, Graham and Eric. That was the problem, however I must say someone must have hacked me because I did not do it!
  8. No it does not. All of this started in the last few days.
  9. The texture does show correctly in the thumbnail preview. I am posting a sample plan file. Texture Problem.plan
  10. Driver is latest available version and is working.
  11. I'll check the video card but it is fairly decent: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  12. Thanks, I will correct my signature. I did provide that info, however.
  13. Textures are not rendering properly in standard or physically based techniques; they are showing texture but seem to have a solid over-color. This just came out of nowhere! How do I correct this? I use X11 Premiere. Thanks. Texture Problem 1-29-2020 comp.pdf
  14. Some how I lost control of vertical and horizontal slide bar controls...they disappeared. I probably inadvertently selected or de selected something. Anyone know how to fix this?