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  1. So I did the framing and ran a new buy list. Is there a way to control the sizes of material on the lists? We want to limit it to only lengths under 16'. Currently it has stuff like 2"x4" - 24 11/16' on it.
  2. Thanks guys for your replies. I hadn't done the framing. Just assumed that happened automatically. I'm still new to CA.
  3. Materials list question. I'm using CA9. How do I make a materials list that shows what to actually buy? I've tried editing the structural member reporting to either the cut or the buy list but then when I populate the material list it only says for an interior wall that is 84 1/2 high that I need a count of 14. 14 what? I need a list that says something like I need 14 2x4's. How do I create that?