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  1. Sorry about that. Very funny lol Barrier Residence
  2. I cannot get this shelf ceiling to behave. I have tried everything I can think of. The bathroom itself is vaulted. There is a water closet that also has a shelf ceiling but that one is perfect. I tried to match every parameter of that room to this one but nothing works. I have two ceilings to make things worse!!! ALso that horizontal band between the lower and upper walls just appeared as well!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!! Thanks.
  3. I'm getting this: I can't fix this for anything. I tried everything I can think of. The framing follows the stairs but the wall finish doesn't I tried to manually edit the wall using the handles but they snap back to original position. I am trying to get the wall to only show beneath the stairs.
  4. Hi, are you still doing Title 24 Calcs? I am actually unsure of what I need exactly but basically my project involves swapping out windows, changing the hvac system, all interior doors, and the entry door. There are ducts that causes the hallway ceiling to be about 7'-4" and my client wants to raise it to 8'-0" to match the rest of the unit (Condo, senior community). It's a single story 1100 sqft 2bd/2bth.