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  1. DCaplan

    Title Block Resize

    I am trying to resize my title block to fit on the page but when I follow the instructions here mine does not select the entire title box but rather just a few font block items (see attached). Where am I going wrong here? Is my frame locked somehow?
  2. DCaplan

    Title Block Resize

    Thank you! That fixed it.
  3. DCaplan

    Roof Lines

    I am fairly new to CA and just teaching myself with some samples. In this instance (attached) how would I bring the roofline over of the lower roof to connect with the other roof? Thank you!
  4. DCaplan

    Wall not going to roofline

    Thank you David, that worked perfect. I appreciate your assistance.
  5. DCaplan

    Wall not going to roofline

    I am trying to figure out why my walls are not going to the peak, any insight into why this might be occurring?