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    Crown Moulding appears upside down

    Thanks Eric. I typically use moulding polylines for most of these applications (hence my not running across this issues before), and I will use them again in this situation.
  2. Selkirk

    Crown Moulding appears upside down

    Thanks Johnny and Eric. I initially drew the profile facing left (which produced an upside down image). I just redrew it facing right and it works just fine and looks good. I have been using Chief Arch. since 2007 and you would have thought I would have come across this by now. The other frustration is, if you horizontally offset the crown so as it aligns with the face of the cabinet doors then it stands proud of the cabinet gables (they need a horizontal offset option for front and sides). Is there an obvious fix for this?
  3. I am using Premier X9, and I have created a crown moulding and trying to place it on upper cabinets, however the moulding appears on the cabinets ‘upside down’. If I recreate the moulding upside down and place it on the cabinets it now appears right side up, however there is no detail to the moulding profile. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong, and how I can correct this? Thanks in advance.