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    Newbie - Siding colors keeps changing back

    thanks, I will re-post in the proper forum ! (I already had the color I want selected in default settings, materials, exterior walls. However, when I go to default settings, walls, exterior wall, it does not allow any material choice, just "siding '6" as an example.)
  2. Hello, I am running HD Suite 2016. I started my first plan and the exterior walls were all the default tan siding. I have changed the default settings, materials, walls (exterior) to red siding (which I want.). I then also selected all the exterior walls of my plan (by selecting just outside of the roofline), open object, exterior room, exterior walls, edit material - I choose red. The siding then all changes to the desired red while I continue to work with the file. All is good until I save the plan and exit. Then when I re open it, it is back to tan. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong ! thanks....