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    Building a pergola

    I am having a hard time building a pergola. I am assuming the easiest method is using polyline solids to represent posts and rafters. But I am not sure is there are easier ways to create the end cut details. I have been doing it all with lines to generate the ends that I want but then I can't duplicate it on the other side. There must be an easier way
  2. Is there a way to add lighted post caps to existing newel posts on a deck? I found the lighted post caps but I can't seem to attach them to the newel posts. Also, is there a way to draw a full newel post at the wall instead of half post? Do I need to get rid of default rails and draw my own railings using railing tool?
  3. baynesjosh

    adding trim to skylights

    Are am having a hard time adding casing around a skylight on a sloped ceiling. I have tried molding polylines but I can get them get the mitres to stay together once i adjust the z position to get them up the slope