Featured Customer - Scott Turner


Featured Customer - Scott Turner
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Meet Scott! He won our Design Contest – Remodel/Addition Design in September. Here are a few more of his designs. Read Scott’s Story:

I started designing and drafting 15 years ago in a small design build company while taking night classes in Architectural. SMT Residential Design, LLC. was formed over 12 years ago and our creativity and uncompromising standards have made this firm one of the most respected design firms in the industry. We are located in North Carolina and offer services to clients nationwide.

I have been using Chief Architect for over 15 years starting with version 10 and have upgraded ever since. I chose Chief Architect over other programs because it seemed very user friendly and that I could accomplish everything I needed within one program (construction drawings, renderings, material list, and so much more). If it wasn’t for bringing Chief Architect into my design and drafting practices I could not have been able to design homes across the USA and parts of the globe and offer the service that I do today.

Connect with Scott through his website: www.smt-design.com


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