Design Custom Rugs and Carpet Tile layouts w/ Flor

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FLOR (a carpet tile company) has this online layout tool for their products.


Once you come up with a pattern for a carpet design, or a full area rug design, you can take a screen capture and import it into Chief as a custom material. Set repeating patterns with texture scaling so it will fill a floor, or set area rug designs as "stretch to fit" then create a Material Region or Polyline Solid the dimensions of the rug to paint the material onto.


Could be a fun way to get clients involved in part of the design process.

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Carpets in the interior - a popular and at the same time controversial decision. This detail can both complement and aggravate the environment. Advice from professionals will help you to choose stylish products and not to miscalculate with the placement. A well-chosen rug is an essential detail of the room. However, it is easy to make a mistake and ruin a harmonious interior. Designers advise to approach the purchase responsibly and pay attention to the main characteristics of products. The most durable, hard-wearing, and budget-friendly carpets are those with synthetics in their composition. I had a few designer carpets, they were all beautiful, but it so happened that there was a flood, and I already thought that was the end. But the guys at rescued it and got it in condition.

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