Cantilever truss pitch dependant?


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maybe I'm wrong but apparently to get a cantilever truss you must not only "raise of plate" by "x" but "x" must be adjusted for reach specific roof pitch?...

That is, for a 7/12 pitch I enter 11-5/8" raise of plate height and that seems to give me the cantilever condition that I like. Which I assumed worked for every pitch.

I set this in my roof defaults and happily continued drawing plans for the past several months thinking that would always give a cantilever truss system.

Well... Apparently when I change the pitch to 12/12 I actually need 20-5/16 raise off plate height to get the same cantilever condition!

Am I missing something?

Why can't the program sit the trusses on top of the top plate as a default regardless of pitch?

Is there some other check box or entry other than "raise off plate" that would give me cantilever always?

Who in the world builds trusses like the default ones in Chief anyway? I mean how is a carpenter supposed to attach a soffit under those default Chief trusses in the field?

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The cantilever and vertical strut at the wall top plate will generate if the heel height is adjusted so that the bottom most tip of the top chord, and bottom of the bottom chord are at approximately the same height.

This is dependent of several factors: roof pitch, eave overhang, and the size of the top and bottom chord.

You can use the fact that it is dependent on the overhang, and use the run and rise of the overhang to calculate the amount of rise that you want.

You can then stretch or shrink the overhangs to get the look you want at the eaves, and then force a truss rebuild.

The truss can be edited to get a similar result when the chord heights don't align, but its not as clean.

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...and this is dependant on the pitch, which means it must be adjusted for every pitch independently.

That's the point of my question. It seems there is no way to always have a cantilever situation unless you adjust the "raise off plate" height accordingly for each change in pitch.

Seems crazy to me. Was hoping someone knew another way.

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