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Hello Chief friends,


I've been struggling and searching this topic but cannot seem to come up with the information that I am looking for. Basically, I have a sloping site and want to draw the uphill stemwall (top) 2'0" higher than the downhill wall. The floor system will ledger off the uphill wall, and the uphill stemwall top should finish about 2'0" higher than subfloor elevation. Wood wall framing will then be 2'0" shorter on this uphill side. Additionally, I'll be using some retaining walls extending off of the foundation to retain the up hill fill material. 


I was able to "drag up" the top of the stem walls on the uphill wall to gain this two feet of elevation. However, there are all sorts of issues with wall intersections that I cannot seem to clean up. I think that what I am after is forcing the taller wall to run through, but I can't seem to force that in my foundation drawing or 3d view. There has to be a better way... Also, now the subfloor and some trim is sticking through the stem wall. 


I'm running x12 on MacOSX. 


Appreciate any help you all can provide! 




rear perspective.jpg

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