End of walls showing through façade in camera view

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Hi Chief friends!


I have run into this issue a few times and have created a work around to solve it out of pure frustration and being under deadlines by just drawing a polyline solid over these areas. I know that I must have something incorrect but just not sure what it is. My issue as you can see by the attached Full Camera image is that walls sometimes show through the exterior façade. 472678872_RearWallIssue.thumb.jpg.e474ef4544311a2553851b24d07ac7c9.jpg

I have tried re-snapping the walls but that does not do the trick. One side has attic walls due to a vaulted area over the living room but the other side does not. It is almost as if it is an extension of the dining room walls.


Thanks in advance!


I Rear Wall Attic Floorplan Issue.jpg

I Rear Wall 2nd Level Floorplan Issue.jpg


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Try closing the gap. (I painted the wall red so it would show)



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Thank you for your response. I am not sure I follow


Try closing the gap.

If I drag the attic wall out over the dining room it goes away, however the attic wall is now not flush with the adjacent walls. When I align it with the adjacent walls the issue is there again. 

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