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My company makes ICF forms for walls and floors/roofs. Every now and then we get architects ask for CA files/libraries/catalog of forms. 

I am not really sure what they are looking for - so some guidance would be necessary. We have AutoCAD details as well as Revit files. 
Is there someone you would recommend that could do this for me in the coming month? I can explain this in more detail here or in private. 

Based out of Pacific NW.

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum..


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One of the members emailed me about the same thing - thank you both. 

I talked to them about 6 months back and did not seem like the right thing to do.

Reason 1.

What they host are things like bedroom sets and kitchen cabinets and doors and faucets and such. 

Insulating Concrete Walls are sort of like concrete blocks - our EPS Panels&Ties are 3D units (and complex compared to drywall) but no-one in their right mind would want to boggle down their computer with so many polygons. So instead they have a wall modified to be crosshatched at exactly 7-5/8" wide with correct cross sections coming out automatically. 
Reason 2. 

I'd like this to be a file/s hosted on our website so I can updated as many times as I like and be freely downloadable. So actual files would help.


I have this with Revit but maybe I am asking for the wrong thing. 

We have something like 10 different insulations assemblies for the walls with 5 different concrete thicknesses - giving out 50 different wall possibilities. 

Add to that another 7 floor insulation assemblies with 7 slab thicknesses. 

Total for walls and floors would be about 100. 

I would imagine these to be menu selectable: click and drag/draw the walls. 

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