Brick Ledge at Garage

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Hello all. I seem to be having an issue with generating my brick ledge around the garage. My foundation will generate correctly with the dropped floor creating the curb (3D foundation pic). When I go into the wall settings and add a 3.5" drop on the brick ledge, that works as well. As soon as I tell the foundation to extend to the outside edge of the brick though, all it does is push my curb out (attached section view). I watched several videos but must have some setting somewhere incorrect. The plan is attached to this post as well. Thanks for any and all help.



Brick Ledge.PNG

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The yellow framed wall is 5.5" which is what I need the curb. The total brick ledge with air space is 5.5". I need the brick ledge dropped 1.5" technically and the slab floor dropped 3.5". The third pic you posted is what I need along with the inside floor being dropped 3.5". The video I watched just had me go into the wall settings and add the brick ledge depth and select the outside stone under where to carry the foundation out to. Worked for him but no such luck for me. I attached a pic.


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WOW! Thank you! I would not have figured that out anytime soon. I spent hours trying to figure that out last night and with 8 projects going on I can't afford to spend that much time on trying to figure out all of these problems.

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