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Advice/help (2) computers & onedrive

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Hello everyone, I’m in need of any assistance and/or advice for the proper and best practices using chief X9 on (2) computers and using

onedrive to sync the files.  I have read just about every post that I could find on here with regard to this and I think I’m on the right track with understanding the correct process however with the many different posts about this topic and the major issues that other users have had, I'm just needing some reassurance that I am in fact going about this correctly.


I've been using chief solely on my surface book at the office and Home however I have found that I needed to purchase a desktop for the office and thus need to use both desktop and laptop. I have the hardware lock from chief and plan on using desktop at work during the day, and laptop at home at night. I will never need to use both at the same time and I will be the sole user.  Essentially all I want is to use my desktop during the day and then when I get home, I want to be able to seamlessly begin using my laptop to continue working in chief with as little or no transition issues as possible.  I see that many have suggested onedrive however there are also many that have had issues so I wanted to make sure that I’m doing this correctly.  


I have windows 10 and I installed onedrive on my C- drive.  Chief X9 data and everything that comes with that is copied (I believe) to the onedrive folder along with my documents / plan files.  I believe the original is saved to the hard drive under this pc / documents. (See screen shot). At this point it’s my understanding that I need to (turn off syncing before I open chief ....?) and then go into chief and change my preferences to save to the one drive folder.....?

and finally turn on sync again after I save and exit chief but, before I shut down the computer to allow the recently saved files to sync for future use on my other computer....?


If I’m not understanding this correctly please let know and if there is any other important info I should consider, please feel free to educate me.


thank you 



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