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I purchased one 2 weeks ago, and it works fairly well with a 2015 MacBook Pro with OS Sierra and X9. Overall, it's been a great addition. The only issue I'm having is sometimes the movement in full screen is very "jerky" (but sometimes it is perfectly smooth). In a smaller (~1024) window, it's always smooth.  


I can't determine what could be causing the difference - system CPU/memory usage and tasks running are identical between when it is "jerky" and when it is smooth. Using the conventional mouse, it's always "smooth". Reboots make no difference in whether or not it works smoothly. I've made sure plan view is showing the same floor as the camera as well, which I have read can cause this problem. 

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      Need to start using a Space mouse for smooth tours through my models, but Connexion says they have a driver for Mac, but need CA to assist. In the meantime, does anyone have an alternative vendor that will get the job done while I wait for Chief?