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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a long time autodesk architecture user. Recently fed up with price gouging and decided not to give autogouge another dime. After doing a whole bunch of research, here I am. Chief Architect looks really great.. Much better than Architecture at least for what I do. I'm an engineer and sole proprietor but I end up doing a lot of architectural design in addition to structural. I do a lot of remodels and additions. My questions are mostly how do you guys deal with existing framing vs new framing? Also how to go about framing two or more different roof areas using different methods? For example a main portion using trusses, a bedroom addition and entry area using heavy timber and decking? Also I've seen where you can turn floor framing.. What about turning part of a roof to a purlin type system? Lastly, can you guys recommend some remote training options? Thanks a bunch, Brian