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  1. premier I did get it figured out but when I build the walls they go all the way to bottom of trailer and not on top. Tommy1 so how did you do what you did do I have to build it first then put trailer under it.

  2. Hi I have some  trailers I loaded in to my library I want to build a tiny house on trail need to know how to have my walls go along the top of trailer everytime I add wall it ends up under trailer thanks.

  3. I'm getting into the tiny house movement need help with doing lofts. This is what I have so far for first floor just playing around at the moment getting the fill of it. It's going to be 10x20 200sf have gable roof another. ? would walls for my bathroom which is the only room I have do they have to be all the way to the top to place floor for loft. Either words could I make the loft a bit taller then just a sleeping crawl space not my much though.