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  1. Need training in Home Designer Pro (2023).  Doing a land division for client and need to produce bid documents and eventually submittal drawings. Project is a 4 plex and a duplex.  I have the finished floor plans.  Need assistance in:

    - Foundation with partial exterior post and beam to avoid tree roots.

    - Weather wall defintion

    - Roof design

    - Trim application

    - structural framing items

    Doing this project as a favor.  Not necessary to know everything.  Not interested in rendering. Can follow along with you operating the sessions remotely.

    Jeff Hartnett


  2. Been out of touch with CA & HDP for several years.  Need help with combo foundations, roof, siding, trim and new wall spec's.  Picked up this current project as a favor Combo Duple & 4 plex on a new land division.  Prior design and general contracting experience. Retired now.  Should I use your services or someone else?