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  1. When creating an interior door and sliding it tight to another wall it auto leaves 4". Id like this to change and auto leave me 5". Is there a way to do this?? 



    Basically I have a 36" door and I want to always have 2 kings, a jack and 1" for door jam / shims. This leaves enough room in corners for extra space as we often use large trim around doors. 

  2. Is there a website or forum where people have uploaded different house designs with the plan download for others to use and check out? I'd love to see different designs from other people and see the things they've done with the program

  3. So I have a concrete outside wall. I made it a pony wall to be able to edit the siding on the outside. In reality its a full concrete wall. I have to frame a wall inside the concrete wall for framing the house. So i have a window in the wall which goes through the concrete and the inside wall. As you can see in the picture theres a gap between the inside wall window cut out and the window outside. How do i remove this gap so it looks like a regular window with a deep window sill???

    Window Issue 2.png

    Window Issue.png

  4. Looking to see if anyone already has a steel I beam and white oak (or any timber) retaining wall? Im trying to create one but its not going well so I thought I'd see if anyone already has one and is willing to share.


    Picture is a referance for the type of thing im looking for. does not need to be exact


  5. 9 minutes ago, Chrisb222 said:


    Notice I changed your Subfloor Height Above Terrain value.


    terrain.plan 6.46 MB · 2 downloads

    I see. Now how do you make the entire thing slope from the back to the front? I need the terrain level from the sliding door to the back (away from the porch). Then from the door to the front (Porch side) to slope down 44".


    Im not sure how you would do that with elevation regions??

  6. 8 minutes ago, Chrisb222 said:


    Get rid of those elevation lines and the lowered region. Use Elevation Regions instead (Elevation Data submenu). Make one to replace the lowered region at the walkout door, and another to wrap the sides and front of the building. Set this second one to 0 height, then you'll probably have to adjust your Subfloor Height Above Terrain value in the Terrain Specs.



    Any chance you could upload the file that you did it on? I keep getting some crazy unrealistic images, nothing like what you have there