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  1. I apologize if this is a repeat post.  I posted earlier today and and logged back in to see if there was any response.  As I looked for my post, I discovered I could not find it.  It appears it did not post as I thought.  

    With that said I will re-post the question and see if it works this time.


    I am trying to draw inside HD  a unique wall that exists in my house currently.  I can draw what I want in Sketchup (which, I used for screen shot to explain problem), but I cannot get it into HD.  I have been able to turn it into a Symbol by importing from Sketchup, but that does not make it an actual wall with the same properties as one that I create inside of HD.


    I am using Home Designer Suite Bld OSX

    May 2 2014


    MAC OSX Yosemite V 10.10.1


    If you reference the attached screen shot, I am trying to create what in my terms would be a partial wall that extends from the ceiling down 16".  In addition in certain areas (left side of screen shot and short section near right side of screen shot) I need a partial wall from the floor up to 25" underneath the partial hanging from the ceiling.  I have tried building a wall and using pass through windows with no sills to create the structure profile, but to create the cutouts (near the right side of screenshot) if I place to pass through window cutouts adjacent to each other, it places a small sliver of wall where the dashed line would be. 


    In summary, I would like to create something in HD that looks similar to what I created in Sketchup, but I cannot figure out how to have a wall extend out of the ceiling but not reach the floor.


    Any insight or direction is greatly appreciated.