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  1. 2 hours ago, robdyck said:

    That would be a matter of opinion, not a hard and fast rule. That being said, it's easy to satisfy that requirement. 

    Send the view to layout. Copy-paste-in-place. Set one of the views to have pattern lines that are white. Use the draw order tools to place it on top of the other view. Crop the layout box as neeed.

    Takes longer to write the description than it does to actually do it!



    totally worked, you are a gentleman and a scholar.  Thank you sir!

  2. Hello all,


    I am using CA X13.


    I am designing a house that has a wing that is at 45 degrees relative to the other wing of the house.  I am working with a Home builder and he has shown me that when a house is at 45 degrees, typically the elevation views reflect that by only showing the outline of the structure that is set at 45 degrees, like this.



    As you can see the garage portion is at 45 degrees relative to the elevation view.  I am pretty sure this set was produced with AutoCAD.  

    How can I make this happen in CA?


    Thanks in advance!