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  1. Ok.....I tried printing the layout straight from CA and still have the same result. I talked with CA support and they said they have never come across this issue. I will try HP support.......
  2. Hello Everybody! I'm not sure if this the right place for this question but I figured I would give it a shot anyways. I created a set of colored construction documents for a remodel job and I showed all the demo work in dashed RED lines. I created a PDF set from CA so I can put it on a flash drive and print it from another computer in a different room (there's no room in my office for the big plotter, plus it's noisy). When I try to print the PDF on my HP DesignJet 800 plotter, the red lines show up in a very faint yellow. If I print the same page on my desktop printer, it looks perfect. I have new ink in the plotter and when I print a "test" page, the red looks good. Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas of what I can do different? Thanks for all the help!!!
  3. Hello Everybody! When I turn on reference floor display, the solid wall fills in the floor above or below show up also and it makes things a little confusing. Is there a way to turn them off? I've attached a pic of the plan I'm working on for reference. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hello Everybody! I'm confused as to why the wall framing is not showing up for the screen porch. All the wall settings are the same as all the other walls. The framing for the small wall that returns into the living room area shows the framing. But the walls with the windows do not show the framing. I've attached some images of the area of concerned. I appreciate all the help. Thanks
  5. Thank you everybody......for all the help!!!!
  6. I understand and I will remember this next time. I was just asking questions because I was confused by his mumbling nonsense. He made it clear that he wastes a lot of his time on other peoples "problems". He would have saved a lot of his time and my time if he would have just said "attach the plan" or not even responded at all because there was no plan attached.
  7. Are you for real? I'm just looking for a little help while I try to learn this program. Don't you have Chief Architect? How hard is it for you to draw 4 walls, highlight the interior, create room elevation views and change the wall elevation camera to a callout in plan display. Because that's all I'm doing. And then when I change the callout size the text doesn't change. I even tried it in a brand new drawing file. It appears somebody else might have provided a simple solution that I GREATLY appreciate!!! And as it turns out, it was a simple solution! If you feel I was wasting your time with this post, then don't waste my time with your mumbling nonsense responses about "walking under a bridge that has 37 men and 3 damsels poised to pour red hot burning oil on me"......as you put it.
  8. I'm confused. You need a copy of the plan i'm working on?
  9. These are interior elevation cameras changed to callouts but still act as interior elevation cameras. I do not have the option "text style" when I open one of these up. I see the option "callout size" and when I change that, only the arrow and circle changes size but not the text. When I change the text height in the callout specifications, is does not change the text in these camera displays. I have the text height in the callout specifications set at 1" but it still shows at 4 1/2" in the callouts.
  10. I am doing a bunch of interior elevations for a client. I scale down the callout to fit in each room but the text does not get any smaller. I tried to change it in defaults but it does not appear to change when I create a new callout. What am I doing wrong?
  11. It sounds like I just need to research and "practice" making seamless tiles, as Rich mentioned. Anyways, I attached the Chief file and the picture I copied right from the stone manufacturers website, if anybody is interested in taking a look at it. Thanks for all the help! Fireplace Stone Texture.zip
  12. I tried to attach the drawing file and it said the file is too big! Sorry....
  13. OK......I have to admit.......I have no idea what I'm doing with GIMP (photoshop). I opened the image in GIMP......I've cropped it, cut it, resized it, etc. etc......and then exported it to my desktop. When I create a texture with the new image, I still get the "tile" effect, when I apply it to the fireplace wall. I'm really not sure what to do from this point. Is there an answer? Should I export it from GIMP as a different file format? HELP!!!
  14. Thanks everybody!! I will work with this and let you know how it goes and/or if I have any other questions.
  15. Does anybody know if "paint" in windows 8 will work before I purchase Photoshop? I'm trying it now, but I don't know if I'm doing it correctly because it still looks "tiled".
  16. I downloaded a stone image from a manufactures website to put on the fireplace as a new texture. I have messed with the scale of the texture every way I can think of to show the texture properly. How do I scale the texture so it doesn't look like a tiled image on the walls? I have attached an image showing the "tiled" look I'm referring to. Thanks for the help!
  17. I must be doing something wrong then. When I tried that, I would turn off the text for the wall section to create a larger scale detail, and send the detail to the layout. The wall section is already in the layout. And since I turned off the text for the wall section, it's not showing up in the wall section in the layout.
  18. Hello Everybody! I created a wall section and added text to it. Now I want to use the same wall section and create some details at a larger scale with its own text for the details. Is there a way to use the same wall section to show details at a larger scale and put separate text between the two? After I send them to a layout page, if I display the text needed in the wall section, it shows up in the detail also, and vise versa. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!
  19. Hi Everybody! Please excuse my ignorance but I forgot how to turn off the interior and exterior wall material in a 3D framing plan. I generated an overall 3D rendering framing plan and all my walls are showing the finish and not the framing. Please help......
  20. Hello Everybody!! I am doing a plan for a client where they are putting an addition over the garage and over the rest of the first floor. The drywall is not showing up on the garage ceiling but the box is checked for "ceiling over this room" in the room specifications. All the ceiling heights, floor heights, floor construction match at all the new rooms over the first floor and garage, but the ceiling drywall is not showing up in the garage only. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks for all the help!
  21. Hello Everybody! I am designing a home for a client and they want kind of a custom stair case for their first run of stairs. See the attached image of what they are looking to do. I could not figure out how to achieve this look with actual stairs. The only way I thought of doing this is to do individual "slab treads" and shape them accordingly. Seems kind of time consuming. Thanks in advance for all the help!! Stairs.pdf
  22. Hi Everybody!! I'm trying to create a diamond window to follow a 14/12 roof pitch. If I use dogear arch, it appears it automatically stops at a 12/12 roof pitch. If I use shape, I can get the top to follow the 14/12 but I don't know how to get the bottom to shape so the window looks like a "diamond". Can somebody please help?
  23. Hello Everybody!! I'm using CA X6 Premier and I seemed to have lost all of my tool bars. I reviewed all of the other posts in regards to this issue and have tried everything mentioned in the posts, to fix it. I'm still not having luck getting them back. Is my last resort to uninstall and reinstall the program? Thanks for the help
  24. Hello Everybody! I have a gable roof with a 4" frieze board. Part of the frieze board is missing and I'm not sure what is causing this. I have re-drawn the roof planes and it still happens. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I have attached an image to show everybody the area of concern. Thanks for all help!!