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  1. Hello All. Hope everyone is well! I'm sure this subject has been addressed and I apologize in advance if it has. I did a search and did not come across it. But is there a way to have the brick soldier course follow the arch around the opening? I've attached a pic of concerned area.Thanks for your help

    Arch Brick.jpg

  2. Hello Everybody. I have a question and I have a feeling there's a simple solution but I can't seem to find it. I have two different exterior wall styles. There's an interior wall that intersects the exterior walls. The ends of the exterior walls automatically snap to the center of the interior wall, (represented by the red line). I need the ends of the exterior walls to line up where the blue line is so that there is equal amount of wall space on both sides of the windows, (see elevation). It seems like the only way I've been able to achieve this is by pulling the interior wall back away from the exterior walls. I hope I made sense of all of this. Thanks in advance for the help!! 

    Wall Edit 01.jpg

    Wall Edit 02.jpg

  3. Hello All. This might be a simple and I hope I'm not wasting anybody's time. I'm looking to put arch trim detail above a standard flat top window without any siding showing in between the top of the window and the bottom of the arch trim. Can this be done in the window specification box with the casing, etc.? Or is it just a matter of using polyline solids and making the casing thicker than small panel that is above the window? I attached a pic that shows a similar detail. The house will have siding instead of brick. Thanks in advance for all your help!

    Arch Window Trim.jpg

  4. Thanks everybody for your help! I'm a little embarrassed to say it was just my snap distance setting. Somehow it went from 12 to 1. Chief support said default is 12, I switched it back, and it's working just fine now. Thanks again

  5. Hello All. Hope everybody is well! I hate to bring up a very basic issue, but it appears my object snaps isn't working properly. I tried resetting all the object snap settings, closed down the program and computer and restarted. It may be just on my end. It appears I cant grab certain points, especially endpoints. This appeared to start happening just a few days ago. Could it be a mouse setting? I've attached the plan that I noticed it working improperly. Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance for your help!

    Object Snap Settings.plan

  6. Thanks everybody for your help!! I really appreciate it. I went with the option of using individual landings. It renders well enough for the client to visualize it in their new home. Thanks again!!

  7. Hello all! Attached is a pic of a set of stairs that a client is interested in doing in their new home. You see how the back of the stairs has a vertical riser as well? Is there a way to create this in Chief Architect? The only way I can think of is doing is with individual landings stacked on top of each other. Thanks in advance for all the help!

    Stair Option.png

  8. Hello All! I'm working on a kitchen layout and the cabinets and ceiling beams are at different heights relative to the finish floor. Each ceiling beam have the exact same default settings and each cabinet has the exact same default settings. And if I delete the cabinet that is lower and just try moving the correct cabinet to proper location, it lowers as well. It's happening with the dining table and chairs as well.  I've attached a few pics of the plan and 3D renderings to help explain what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance for the help.

    Dining 3D Rendering.jpg

    Kitchen 3D Rendering 02.jpg

    Kitchen 3D Rendering.jpg

    Kitchen Floor Plan.jpg

  9. Thank you all for the help on this!!! I greatly appreciate it! Larry, thank you for the attachments as well. They came in handy. I definitely struggled a bit with this one, but I think I got it worked out.  Thought I would share the result.

    Elev 1.jpg

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  10. Hello all! I am a CA X13 Premier user. I have a client that is looking to add a detail similar to what's shown in the middle gable just above the second floor windows. I attached a pic. Does anybody know a good way of showing this, so it looks close in 3D? Not only does it angle out in the middle, but it also slopes up on an angle. It's almost like a roof pitch, but I've tried my darndest to make it work with roof planes but have not succeeded yet. Thanks in advance for all the help.

    Gable Detail 01.jpg

  11. Hello All, I know this subject has been discussed but has CA Premier X13 improved the control of deck columns so the bases do not overhang the edge? For a concrete porch, it's easier to fix or show properly with drawing an additional slab. Just wasn't too sure best way to do it with a deck. I thought about doing the deck with no railings then manually adding the columns and beam but I'm not sure how to do the railing so it doesn't define the room. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help in advance.

    Porch Columns.jpg

  12. Hello Everybody! I use CA X12 Premier. I was just curious to see how long it takes other people to do a set of plans with CA for a typical 2500 2-story house, 3-car garage, including foundation plan, first floor plan with window schedule, second floor plan with window schedule, basic roof plan, elevations, 2 building sections, and a basic electrical plan to meet code. A basic complete set to build from starting with a sketch from a client. No interior elevations, no other details. I think about 32 hours is a fair expectation. Thank you for your time and help!



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  13. Hello! Is there a way to create a soffit to look like the pic? I've attached a Chief rendering also, to show how far I got. I need to fill in the empty space and have the soffit run even with the bottom of the fascia board. Thanks in advance for the help! 

    Soffit Detail - Chief.jpg

    Soffit Detail.jpg

  14. Thanks for the help everybody. I don't think CA can do what i'm trying to achieve. The part that is hollowed out also has a bend in it. We need these parts to be accurate because we want to print them on a 3D printer. Any other suggestions on how I can make this work? Thanks again!

  15. Hello Everybody! Has anybody used chief architect to generate machine parts? I'm trying to do a 3D model where a solid 1/2" tube fits into a 3/4" x 1/8" thick hollow tube. Is this even achievable in Chief Architect and if so any suggestions on the easiest way to go about doing it? Thanks for all the help!!