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  1. Hi when I run materials list, it reports the studs in linear feet, and not the actual number of studs . 

    is there a setting to change that will show the stud count rather than the lineeer foot?


    the framing is already built , and shows all the studs in the 3D and 2d view, so the program already knows this number , why wouldn’t it be reported on the materials list ?


    Is there an advantage to knowing the linear foot rather than the actual number of studs ?


    for the wall board such as OSB and drywall , it reports correctly and shows the number of sheets .  That is correct .


    anyboby know what is going on here ?!


    x10 version,

    Thank  you 

  2. Hi everyone and thanks for the suggestions. I found that the cabinet soffit that DB mentioned forks best and easiest as it can be adjusted in dialog box for height , width length etc. I just had to place it inside the house first  , place the recessed lights, and then move it outside attached to exterior .. otherwise it would now allow a recessed light and would default to the exterior light fixture .


    Other than that , it’s a great hack .. thanks much DB , Chopsaw and MTL!

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  3. Hi , I made a simple exterior overhang (over front door) with poly line solid  and am trying to place a recessed light below it , as if a regular ceiling bit I won’t install. Anyone know how to accomplish this? Any advice is greatly appreciated!


    Using X10 version

  4. Hi Glenn! Thank you very much !!  That worked very easily following your directions. I was literally trying to figure this out for about 3 months lol. I tried everything, changing storyline defaults , changing specifications in dialog box , pulling lines in every direction , you name it … I noticed it worked sometimes and other times it just moved the line .. but now I know to select the market first and then pull the diamond off .


    seems like it should have been easier , or just more obvious I guess . Thank you !

  5. Hi, I’m having a very annoying problem with the storyline dimensions in elevation view. I simply want to remove certain Extension/markers .. I saw CA videos that show just to pull the end of the line towards the marker but that is not working … anybody know how to do this ? 

    using x10


    thank you !

  6. Hi , I have searched everywhere about this topic and have read that the materials list does not update after making modifications to plans? 


    Is this true ? I noticed this after creating a materials list and I entered all pricing values etc, and then I made some changes on the plans (such as bumping out a wall, swapping materials or just adding/deleting fixtures or components and nothing updated .


    I hope it is my error and lack of knowledge rather than a shortcoming of CA! 

    any ideas how to fix this so that all the data values  that I entered in the list remain and reflect the modifications made in the plan?



  7. Hi, the easiest way to explain this is with an example.


    i have a Layout open .

    I send Electrical Layer Set to page 5 of the Layout.  Everything is fine.


    Then I send my Plumbing Layer Set to page 6 of the Layout.  Everything is fine.


    then I go back to Page 5, (and every other page) and the Electrical layer was replaced by the Plumbing Layer, .  .


    The Layer sets are changing on each page of the layout after I send a new layer set to a new page .

    anyone know what can be causing this ?