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  1. Hi Dermot,


    Yes i discovered yesterday that my system in fact does not meet the requirements.. You're correct - I can't even generate 2D Elevaton/Cross Section views.  I am renting the software right now so i will make a decision soon.. would love to upgrade my system maybe next year.  Thank you for your reply!


    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Hey David,


    Thanks for the help! Haha it was beefy when i bought it (maybe 10 yrs ago?) - Dell Desktop i7cpu 2.67Ghz with 8G RAM. im running Windows 10 but video card will not do 3D.  it does what i need but since i started dabbling with my house plan i re-discovered how old it is haha! I'll see if can figure out the Elevations and Cross Sections, so far just playing with the inside layout, etc..




  3. Hey guys might be a crazy question but my old pc does not have a 3d graphics card and can't afford to buy new one right now.. i have HD Pro 2022 and need to produce a 2d view of the exterior is that possible ?  Sorry i am new to this stuff... Thank you!



    Home Designer Pro 2022