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  1. 20 minutes ago, Renerabbitt said:


    Yes +1

    There are plenty of professionals here that can render out your project or finish your build/collaborate online via screensharing sessions etc. I'd be happy to list a few but better if you put it in the seeking services section if you're so inclined. This is how we all make a living, as Eric said, thank you.

    I understand most of you all use this software to make a living. I didn’t really see it being a big deal on asking for help just because I’m not a professional. I would love to learn this program and further my education on it to maybe one day offer it to others in my town. 

  2. No, I never stated I do not intend to buy the software. However, I do not plan on buying a program that I can’t figure out or is too complicated to operate. They offer a trial version for a reason. Therefor I am using the trial version to see if I’m able to construct our house the way I need to and if so, I did plan on purchasing it to further detail the interior such as the kitchen cabinets, furniture, etc. I would like to have a real good idea of what we’re building prior to building. 

    And yes, I did ask a group of professionals to help me out on an issue I was having in a support group. Just because I’m not a “professional” means I can’t ask a support/help group for help with an issue or something I can’t figure out? I must have missed that memo somewhere! 

    As I also stated, I have watched tons of videos that are available to me and have done a lot of reading trying to figure out not only the roofing part but learning the software overall. However, I still haven’t been able to figure out to build the roof. So, my apologies for asking professionals who use this software very frequently for help in a support group. 

    Further more, like I stated above, there is no one in our area who does these 3D renderings. If I was able to figure out the program fully I would love to further my education and possibly offer this service to others in our area. But no, I’m not going to spend $3,000 on software that I’m unable to achieve what I’m going for. I think most would agree with me. 

  3. Let me start off by saying I am NOT an architect of any sort. My husband and I are building a house and I keep changing the floor plans. I cannot visualize anything on paper and we don't have anyone in our area that does these 3D renderings. I downloaded the trial to give it a shot myself and play around with changes before sending them to our architect. I watched a webinar the other week and I have watched video after video. However, I still cannot get the roof as I need it. I can't get it all connecting with the gable ends on the left and right ends of the house. I haven't been able to figure out how to add the additional window on the 2nd floor in the middle of the house. I know this is a rough sketch and its not all exactly the way our floor plans are, I am just trying to figure out how to get the exterior (mainly the roof) to work out as I have so far had good luck with all of the interior work. Any help and tips are greatly appreciated. 


    on our main floor, we have 9' ceilings, cathedral ceiling in the great room that is open above, and 8' ceilings upstairs. 





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