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  1. I too wish Chief would allow us to do more floors.  I'm working on a city project the building has to be at least 45 floor to win the contract.  I have been making two floors as one to met the project goal in Chief.  Here is a look at the building,  For the project it has to have Offices, Condos, A hotel and restaurants.  I added several upper leave parks and green tree lined parking floors on the first 8 floors.  The building will be built in the center of our down town.

    abq-3.1P STREET-ele-4.png

    abq-3.1P STREET-ele-1.png

    abq-3.1P STREET-ele-2.png

    abq-3.1P STREET-ele-3.png

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  2. Scott It's been suggested we can buy Full Version with the Upgrade that does not need re-licensing every 14 days to open the program? 

    Or can we have the system your using for the Africa Users without reliable internet?  Ether I'm sure could make the hardware lock users want to upgrade?




    Some users keep saying Chief has gone to only allowing us access 14 day at a time because Chief dose not trust US?  In fact they keep stating this point.  Is this why the new 14 day frisk? Please explain why we are not trusted customers?  Is Africa Trusted better?

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  3. Scott can we buy the Upgrade Graham told us about that does not need re-licensing every 14 days to open the program?  Or can we have the system your using for Africa Users without reliable internet?  Ether I'm sure could make the hardware lock users want to upgrade?

  4. Scott Harris, dose the Full Version Graham talks about need internet access every 14 days to give you permission open your files?  Derek also explains last Monday you are doing something different for the African users as they don't have stable internet.  can the American users have the same as the African users?  Are we trusted as much as them?

  5. Graham Korbey; has said we can buy X10 upgrade without SSA fees or internet access.  Brian Beck your on-line right now, can we? 

    If so how much will it cost for Users to buy X10 upgrade and have all rights to open our files without the program accessing the internet at any time like Chief hardware locks.  Graham says your selling this?  This is great news for all of us As your on-line right now could you let us all know the cost.  Thanks! And thanks Graham for this fix! Great News!

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  6. I don't think many have heard of that, what does an upgrade cost without SSA fees?  Many of us have been asking for this for years.  Many of us keep saying we don't need the SSA fee just the upgrade but have been told that is not possible.  Your are now saying they have something new?  Please show us it's true?

  7. X10 is not about hardware locks, or internet access, X10 is a policy change understood from X1 of who holds the rights to open user's files   Chief is clear the yearly SSA Fee now will only allows users 14 days access to open your files at a time from X10 foreword.  Stop paying SSA Fee and permission to open your files and the ability to run your business is???  CA is very clear they will grant you permission every 14 days to open your work and client files for your yearly fee. Just don't ever stop paying every year if you don't want to lose access to your work and client files.  This is why many are saying they will staying at X9 until a better deal is made to upgrade.  It's that simple! 

  8. If chief is concerned our hardware lock from the previous up-grade allow us to sell the old program when we upgrade to a new version, I understand their concern.  I would agree to returning the hardware lock for reprogramming each time.  Then both user and provider can feel safe. And both showed respect for each other's partnership in the growth and well being of Chief Architect for all of us.

  9. Chief might consider Grandfathering long term users/supporters at this turning point in the programs growth.  Many of us that have been around 20 years or more, longer than a lot of the staff, have years of training and our life long careers, businesses and livelihoods built supporting the Chief Architect, It's staff and the program.  Those of us around between 10 and X1 know what happen then.  Grandfathering Chief's loyal and fateful partners with a few different rules to thank them for their long term support would be a great way to say we need to go in a little different direction moving forward So we would like to Grandfather you for your support and belief in us all these years. IE: our Hardware Lock, really all we are asking for.  And it seems the long term supporters are the ones asking so you Chief does not have to worry about upsetting the rest.  Maybe a suggested line is you stayed with us though the X1 upgrade!  You had Chief 10

  10. It seems you have some offers for help.  If they don't work out I change $50.00 an hour and like to set a full price up front and not to work by hour.  I ffel thta works beter for both of us.  I have been using Chief for 24 years and would be happy to help if you need.  Just let me know and we can work things out.


    James Fenton

    Owner/Designer JAF Concepts

    Phone: 505-315-9644

    e-mail jfenton@nets.com

    Web: www.JAFConcepts.com

  11. Hi Mike;


    I'm James,


    I have worked in modular design for over 10 years and with Chief for over 20 years.  I live and Albuquerque New Mexico.  But could help you.  Please check out my website that is my portfolio.  Look under "JAF Manufactured and Modular Homes" and you can see some of the designs I have done for my clients and the pueblos in New Mexico.  I love modular design and would be happy to work with you to design new and existing designs to put you ahead of the competition!  Our modular builders have mostly gone out of business in NM or gone back to stick building due to transpiration cost and rules in NM these days.  So I would love to find a new builder to work with.


    Thanks for your time and consideration.




    James A. Fenton, Jr.
       (505) 315-9644


    Pick 3D PDF’s from our menu and have fun!

  12. Looking for Chief Draftsmen for Albuquerque & Santa Fe New Mexico and surrounding ares.


    I'm James Fenton Owner/Designer of JAF Concepts an award winning design firm for both residential and commercial projects in Albuquerque New Mexico.  I'm looking for a new Chief Architect draftsmen to work with. As my wonderful draftsmen left the earth to be with God a couple of weeks ago.  I do have CAD Draftsmen but would like to find a new Chief Draftsmen. Most have at lest 4 years residential drafting and knolge of New Mexico codes.  Please have working drawings that have passed permit with the permit number to apply.  If interested please e-mail me at Jfenton@nets.com

    Please DO NOT leave me a message on Chief Talk as I don't log on very often and my not get your message.  Please e-mail me.


    I'm also looking for a person to go out to houses and take measurements to make as-is floorplans.



    James A. Fenton, Jr.


    Pick 3D PDF’s from our menu and have fun!

  13. HI,
    My name is James Fenton, I am the owner/designer of JAF Concepts a New Mexico based architectural design firm.  I'm also a chief user for over 20 years
    I'm award winning designer in both residential and commercial projects.  I work very closely with my clients to make their projects in both residential or commercial embrace their needs and way of life, fit their budget and dreams.    You may view my work at my website listed below.  If you have any interest please feel free to give me a call.  I would love to talk with you about how I may be able to help you with your needs.  I work with many clients over the internet and phone meets and looking to expand that part of my business.
    I have also included one of my flyers from the last Parade of Homes where the larger home won best house and best kitchen in its category.  You may also be interested in the testimonials page where my clients talk about my work.  I have also included 1 of 3 articles the NM journal wrote about my services this year.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.  Again please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.

    Your e-mail address came back wrong.  My address is jfenton@nets.com, you may e-mial me so I may send you the info I talked about.
    JAF Concets
    James Fenton