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  1. A nice feature of Vectorworks is that as you move your cursor to the border of an open workspace, the workspace will automatically scroll for you.

    It can be controlled by a preference setting. Extremely useful and maybe something for Chief to consider in an update...

  2. Is anyone running Chief on the new Retina iMac and how does chief handle the 5k display?

    Just wondering as I'm not running Chief 'yet' but will be upgrading my current Mac setup.

    I do a fair amount of Photography work as a hobby and will probably go Retina...

    Any thought would be helpful. Thanks.




  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the original point of the discussion was determining possible shortcomings or advantages of competing software options.

    I've been doing single family residential design for 30 years and have been using Vectorworks for most of my CAD career, with dabbles in ACAD etc.

    My interest in Chief was sparked when a client brought in a home drawing that had been completed in Revit, complete with perspectives, multiple sections etc.

    It was beyond the scope of what I would normally produce for a client and I was intrigued. 

    It's a 'very' competitive market out there and we are all looking for software that will allow us to work faster, cheaper, and possibly with value-added elements to separate us from the crowd.

    I've seen all of Scott's videos, followed the forums for months, watched nearly every Revit video out there etc. and it is still not definitively clear as to whether Chief is the answer...

    I would like to believe so, but no one want's to change just for change sake. I think the BIM style model of Chief with a heavy focus on home design is the right direction as long as there is heavy focus on allowing us to produce beautiful construction drawings and still have seamless file exchange with other disciplines like Engineers etc. who are stuck in an ACAD world.

    The debate needs to continue so Chief can evolve to truly serve it's users.



  4. Thanks Scott! Still seems a bit high. Typically a Mac PDF out of Vectorworks is more like 800-1000k for a pretty dense sheet.

    ... and what the heck are you and I doing on a Saturday afternoon screwing around with this sort of thing... I should be outside fixing the BBQ...

  5. While sitting on the fence pondering whether to fall off onto the Chief side or stay on the Vectorworks side, issues such as this PDF printing issue make me ponder more deeply.

    I intended on working with my Macbook Pro in the interim if I make the switch over to Chief.

    If I was to output a typical single sheet, dimensioned floor plan, D-size, as a PDF file for printing at either 300 or 600 dpi, what is the realistic file size I can expect?

    When Scott speaks of 80 megs are we speaking of the size of the complete file including all sheets and layouts... or?

    Thanks in advance, very much enjoy the banter and great help on this forum.