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  1. Is there a way to better organize the library files? Example, it would be nice to be able to combine lighting types, like wall mounted in one place instead of having to search in the core libraries and then various bonus libraries.

  2. I have a doorway going from the bathroom into a walk-in shower area. Would like to have wood casing on bathroom side and tile on the shower side. The exterior casing box is greyed out I cant change it. Any way to fix this?

  3. I am trying to have 4 windows 4-3/4" apart and CA wants to auto mull them, but I want them in single wall holes.


    I looked at the knowledge base article on setting the "single wall hole" option on the options tab of the window dialog box but that option doesn't show up for me in X6 interiors.


    Can some one point me in the right direction?

  4. Can you all provide some typical hourly rates to charge for drafting/chief architect work? I am an independent contractor and would to get some feedback on rates.


    I looked through the forum and could only find one post that quoted $25/hr.