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  1. HI! I am a kitchen and bath designer in GA and I am interested in finding someone to work with that is efficient in X9 or x10 for drawings and renderings. I would like to provide someone with my dimensions and before photos of rooms for existing plans, then my quick sketch concepts and have them input everything in Chief x9 or x10 for me.  Then place on layouts and share the files with me through dropbox so I can modify little changes as the projects move forward.  I typically do about 2-3 of these a month and need turnaround within a week or less if possible.  Please contact me for more information to see if we can work out a partnership! I am open to working virtually with someone since files can be shared online. Contact me at  Thanks!


  2. Hi! Newbie question here...


    How do I get to my saved camera/elevation views? I hit save before exiting my drawings, but when I reopen the file I can not find my saved camera/elevation views. I always open new camera views but that then changes the camera/elevation number and I'm up to Camera 22 from where I open and close constantly while working!! There has to be an easy way to work off the original saved camera views. 



    Thanks for your help! 


    X8 user

  3. Can someone share with me how to add a border to flooring? I would like to also  know how to add a double border if possible. So this would give me 3 flooring materials in one room. Any suggestions on how to completed this is appreciated!!! TIA!