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  1. Just now, Joe_Carrick said:

    In that case, simply open the room dbx and set the floor height and structure thickness.  The walls shouldn't extend below that.

    Tried that too.  But the ceiling and walls in the garage come up and messes with our roof and ceiling in the garage.  

    As an experiment we tried making the Window Seat "Room" smaller in width so that  no 2nd floor wall extended over the garage wall.  This worked but of course it is not our design intent...  The walls on the second floor are affected by the first floor even though they don't touch...   


  2. 14 minutes ago, Joe_Carrick said:

    If you are using a "Bay Window" - in the dbx select "Has Raised Floor" and set the values there for height and floor thickness.  This will preclude it from going down thru the Garage Roof.

    Thanks for the reply.  We were trying not to use the BAY WINDOW for that very reason.  We can't modify the actual window units in the Bay Window.  

  3. Good day,
    We are working on a project which has a large window seat / bay Window which extrudes / cantilevers on second floor over a garage.  The window seat cantilevers out about 2'-0" from the room and is a few feet over the garage roof.  It should not touch any wall below.  As soon as we close the walls of this "room" it adopts the garage floor and ceiling information completely destroying our design intent.  We have tried all kinds of different ways of doing this with no progress.  The drawing I attached has no walls on the window seat which is something new since the last time I opened it (the walls were there!)   Can someone please help?

    I attached the file and a concept drawing of what our boss wants.

    Sam H.