From your description it sounds like you are sending views to layout that are linked to a Saved Plan View.  If you change anything associated with the Saved Plan View, such as the active layer set or the current floor, then this can affect your layout views.  If you send multiple views to layout all linked to the same Saved Plan View, then they will all update any time you change something.   Here are some ways to solve your problems:       - You can stop using saved plan views by switching your Saved Plan View Control that appears in the default toolbar to "None".  You can also do this in your default template so that new plans won't start in a saved plan view.      - If you are using X12, you can decide whether or not you want your layout box linked to a Saved Plan View in the Send to Layout dialog box.  Just make sure the "Link Saved Plan View (name)" box is unchecked when you are sending.       - You can unlink a layout box from a saved plan view by opening the Layout Box Specification dialog and setting the Linked Saved Plan View combo box to "None".  There is also an edit toolbar button that will allow you to link or unlink a layout box from a saved plan view.       - You can learn how to use Saved Plan Views.  If you use a different saved plan view for each layout view, you won't have to worry about accidentally changing them.  Saved Plan Views can greatly improve your productivity so that you can just switch views instead of having to change lots of settings all the time.   More information about Saved Plan Views can be found in the reference manual or in this video: