I feel dumb as a box of rocks (affirmations are not required)  I'm wanting to place acoustical ceiling with  wall and "T" mold in all rooms. I set the default for room / floor and edited the ceiling to have the lay in tile and grid.  I selected each room, used make room poly line, and converted to a 3-D molding poly line set the molding to be the Ceiling Tile wall Mold and set the height same as my finish ceiling height is supposed to be.  I then set up my "T" grid using first center lines (drawn with the "W" line tool) placing only one, converted it to a molding polyline, (using the "T" mold from my library) then selected it, set the Height to be the same as the Room 3-D MPL, did multiple copies, set my offset to 24" (as I am using 24X24 tile and LED light fixtures). The Problem? When I do a Full camera view of a room, two obvious issues show up. When setting up my lowered ceiling, (per the KB article) and edited the structure for the ceiling, I selected the ceiling tile from the library (using the 24X24 square tile). First issue the selected ceiling tile and the grid do not line up but I see no way to adjusted the material definition (offset "X" or "Z" axis) in order to line it up with the grid.  I am trying to set the tile up so there are few small slivers at the walls and of course we as contractor will actually adjust the grid in the field to accommodate, but for now I need the grid for placing lights and grilles for my HVAC and Elec subs to do their estimates. Funny thing, if I set the height for the WM and "T' mold to zero it then sets on the 2nd floor.   Issue  two, when I use the lay in ceiling height of the lowered ceiling (it is intended to be 9') the grid and wall mold shoot above the roof.  Apparently the software wants me to use the AFF starting from the first floor (not the actual 2nd floor to ceiling height of).  I've toiled for quite a while adjusting the Wall mold height trying to match it with the ceiling height, then just open the "T" and set it to the same height but there must be an easier way? I found a thread or two addressing lay in ceiling etc., but as fait would have it they don't actually address my dilemma. I watched the video on doing ceiling grid and thought I had followed it well? Surely I don't have to use the 24X24 tile from the library and place each one? I thought about (haven't tried it) doing a Rectangular cad, converting it to a PL solid, setting it to the ceiling tile from the library, and do the multi-copy as I did the grid? That too seems like a lot of extra work that is not needed?    Perhaps those of you that actually model lay in ceiling for your commercial projects can offer simpler methods to achieve what I am trying to achieve? I tried to post the updated plan without zipping, but the forum message indicated the file was too large. I am a nit wit (again no affirmations are necessary) when it comes to reducing the file size without zipping it?  (EFIT) well I tried making a poly line solid and placing it in the grid etc but that didn’t work either.