I currently use an HP  Pavilion Elite HPE desktop, almost 7 years old. Quad core i7 960@3.2 GHz 20 GB Ram, 2 sticks new this year 1.5T Seagate HDD New GeForce GTX1060 w/ 6GB 2 monitors Running Chief X9 Windows 10 64 bit.   Something is going on with the system. I've done checks of the RAM and HDD for physical problems, they are ok. I'm getting BSODs and various other errors. Two options: Have a computer person sweep everything clean and install a fresh copy of Windows 10, then reinstall all my programs, etc. (I thought about doing it myself, but I would probably make things worse), my person estimated about $1700 to do all of it. Buy a new system, $2k or more would be the budget. Advice? Am I beating an almost dead horse to keep the one I have? What would you buy in my price range? NOT HP or Dell. I am done with HP and Dell products.   I need to decide pronto. I am leaving for a week's vacation Saturday, and can give up my desktop to be fixed while I'm gone.Been shopping online, but haven't narrowed it down yet.