Depends on how accurate you need to get.  I personally like accuracy and think the 2 best options are...   Polyline solids applied to the surface or multiple walls and material regions set to cut finish layer.  Maybe check this thread out...   P.S.  I think it's important to understand how that style of siding typically works.  The panel layout is pretty much always designed around the particulars of each individual structure and even each individual wall.  Without giving careful consideration to the layout you can very easily miss the mark.  The reason I bring all this up??  Just to point out why the chances land somewhere between slim and none that you will find a material/texture that will do the trick.  Besides all that, even if a random layout worked...the recessed shadow lines are really what make that look pop and the only way to get those looking correct at all your outside corners is using a 3D modeling technique of one type or another.  Just my $0.02