where can I find a utility pole


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Rich, I bet you know how to make Power lines for those poles right?


I've had a play with that. I posted this image (or a similar one) 

in the "Show your Goodies" thread many moons ago. As I recall

it went over like the proverbial lead balloon. :)


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Rich, That looks great. Is that your home planet where there is no gravity? If so the lead balloon would work there too. Maybe next year when Chief gives us a few more cad tools it will work here on planet Earth. An overhead triplex service wire would be a great thing to be able to build. I built a hydro transformer last year but could not figure out how to hook it up.

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Actually things like power lines are a bit problematical in Chief.

They aren't straight lines and they aren't really arcs either. They

are catenaries. Perhaps we should request a Catenary Tool. It

would work for everything from clotheslines to suspension


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