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I am not sure about everyone, but I jump around from project to project...ALOT. I have a layer that is a "design notes" which i store notes and leaders about thoughts I have as the design process goes. As i jump from project to project, i have to turn this layer on and off, It would be nice to be able to toggle layers that will not be sent to the printer. So i can just leave it on and make the corrections as a go. Anyone have a way to make this work better? Should i move this post to the suggestions? I am sure this would be a good add for anyone using revision clouds as well.



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I looked at having "working" layer sets, but I would have to create a bunch, then have my annotation sets function correctly, and keep it maintained...#PIA. The other function this would serve would be collaboration. I have 4 people in my office, so if we could designate a layer in our plan files defaulted to design notes, we could then collaborate via that layer and never worry about printing the notes. It just seems like adding a control like this would be a great function. I spend enough time in emails, I would rather spend it adding designer notes to a plan, then send it John doe in finishes and the email will simply read "HERE IS THE PLAN, SEE NOTES FOR CHANGES, EMAIL/CALL FOR Q's"


Can you guys not just use "working" layer sets?  You can have any various layers turned on in those sets but turned off in the sets you send to layout.  This way you don't have to worry about deleting anything if you don't want to.

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      I was wondering what the purpose / function of layer 0 is in Chief?  All the other layers are pretty self-explanatory...

      Thank you,
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      My projects are increasingly moving into the digital submission world.  In digital format, various municipalities are setting up criteria for acceptable submission standards that are divergent.  That is to say, each municipality is reinventing the wheel.  So far as I can tell, no two municipalities have adopted the same submission standards, and so submission has become a major task up from a simple formality.
      The Province of Ontaria adopted a standard method for submission of paper documents.
      1) Fill out the mandated building permit form (mandated by the Ontario Building Code Act) that all municipalities had to accept.
      2) Provide at least 2 copies of the drawings in whatever scale is shown on the drawing. 
      3) Pay the fee by cash or cheque
      Simple and pretty much the same everywhere.
      Electronic Submission Nightmare
      1) Same as 1 above in PDF
      2) Same as 2 above except one PDF file (PDF must not exceed 5meg. Limit for most email servers)
      3) Same as 3 above but email Interac transfer
      4) Reply to comments from the plan examiner sent by email.  Send revised pages to the examiner in PDF
      1) Create an on-line account with the municipality
      2) Fill out an on- line application form
      3) Register all parties (Owner and Agent at a minimum) and these people also have to participate in the on-line experience.
      4) Create individual PDF files for each drawing page to be submitted
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            b) Each page to have a name that corresponds to the title block name
            c) Each PDF to be in vector format.  Raster format is not acceptable. (CA does not support vector PDF)  I suspect the vector PDF would be much smaller than a raster PDF)
            e) Each page has to be a flattened file, no layers
            d) Each page must not have any security features that would prevent editing or commenting (try to convince an Engineer who has stamped the drawing to do this!)
            f)  PDF file size must not exceed (put in some arbitrary limit here.)   
      5) Pay the fees as required, usually on line,
      6) Try to understand the matrix of comments that contain examiner's comments.
      7) Upload revised drawing.
      8) Comment on the examiner's matrix table. 
      As a result of all of this I have been experimenting with PDF print drivers, and Winzip PDF Compressor.

      My hat is off to the programmers at CA!   The PDF print driver included with CA out performs all of the other print drivers that I have installed on my computer for file size.  
      Now if only I could automatically print, as a batch, all drawing files with an automatic link to the layout page title and page number or label.  That would be amazing.  
      I wonder if some of that might be achieved in Ruby?  If CA made a printing template that allowed for individual pages as a batch print?
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      I have a total of 14 possible layout pages I use.  I have my layout pages defined using the # sign.  On my "0" layout page I use %page.print% for the page number and %numpages% to get the total number of pages.  I don't always use all 14 pages but would rather not delete them from the client layout file in case they decide they want additional pages later.  So, as it is, even if I just need six pages the number 14 displays (see attachment).  Is there a way to get that macro to reflect the number of pages used in my layout schedule or the number of actual pages that I will print?  Also, is there an easier way to select which pages display in the layout table than opening each layout page and editing each one's layout page information (like a list of layout pages you could pull up and select/deselect the two checkboxes on this DBX?

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