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    • By SNestor
      I've begun to manage "plan views" in X10.  This is a really great new feature...but, the OOB settings are only a start...not the total picture.  So, similar to annotation sets to some degree, I think it's necessary to have more defined views...but, I'm not sure and don't want to create a bunch of views if they aren't really needed.  
      So...lets take the OOB plan view called "Electrical Plan View".  To me...you need an electrical plan view for each floor?  Can a guru chime in and tell me if I'm on the right path?  I know you can select "any floor" in the plan view DBX...and use the up and down arrows to move through the floors and the same "view" will be applied to each floor.  But...I think you may want to use a different ref set on each floor or maybe have some unique text or something.  
      I'm not sure I know what I'm doing...this is why I'm asking. 
    • By djhplanning
      I am struggling to manage my layer sets, annotation sets, default settings and wall definitions.  I have numerous drawing projects going at once (about 12).  Some of them already have different settings.  It seams like every time I work on a drawing project I am always tweaking a layer set, annotation set, default drawing setting or adjusting a wall definition setting on the fly.  What is the best way to manage this so I am always using the most current settings.  If I change a setting in one drawing I am working on, I have to always try to remember to export the updated settings so they are available to import on another drawing.  Do I need to start exporting the settings each time I close a drawing and importing all the settings when I open a drawing file.  Is it possible to just have these settings automatically be used in any drawing file I open (similar to preference settings) without having to import them into the individual drawings.  It seams like there would be no reason to have separate settings for each drawing you work on anyway (unless you have some builder clients with there own graphic standards or something).  If I don't export the settings right away when I make the adjustment, I never know what drawing project has the most recent settings.  Any suggestions as to how to best manage this would be a big time saver.
    • By WendyatArtform
      Here's a whole bunch of videos illustrating some things I've seen folks not understand.  This is by no means some comprehensive training sequence, just something that might help folks understand things and techniques you could adapt to your own style and needs.
      I advanced the attached file a wee bit after finishing up the videos.  My goal was to show minimal adaptation of Chief's oob annotation sets in a way that's closer to real world needs.
      <a href="http://www.screencast.com/t/vicroy80XHQ">Chief X7 lessons</a>
      Chief Plan and Layout.zip
    • By CCCArchitect
      I can't seem to figure out why I can't change my 1/4" annotation set to 1/2" in my CAD detail? I keep getting set back to 1/4" annotations even after I set to 1/2". I read ref manual, watched tutorials etc...but I can't seem to understand this? any suggestions?