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Good Morning Everyone,


Once again, I am doing an as built on my house.  I am attempting my foyer area which is a split level entry. I follow the instructions as detailed here.  When I change the area to Open Below, the troublesome wall once again has issues.  It partially disappears (see photos below).  I did check to make sure it was aligned with the upper wall, and it is.  Any help is appreciated.












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Thanks David,


My sincere apologies for the incomplete information.  I had linked the work troublesome to a post that I have made previously about that same wall.  And I assumed the photos showed the location clearly.  It is the wall that goes between the foyer and the garage. It was the wall you deleted first thing.  It does in fact belong there, LOL. There is a door there and a step down into the garage.  Photo-1 below shows from the garage side looking towards the foyer, and Photo-2 shows from the top of the stairs.  The doorway to the garage is on the left on the landing.


I did follow the instructions as stated above for creating the split level entry, and I do get the stair and landing results as I want them.  But every time I designate that room as to Open Below (before I get to the stairs and landing), that wall partially disappears.  I followed your instructions about moving the wall polylines to close the gap, and that worked.  Thank you very much.  I was trying to figure out what I did wrong to cause the problem to begin with.  In actuality I thought I had removed the landing before posting the plan.  I did not want that to confuse anyone as it did not cause the problem.


I will set this as solved, since moving the wall polylines did work for me, and I thank you again!




Now, just for fun, since you were kind enough to fumble around with my plan, I'll explain the best I can about why things the way they are.  The house is already built.  I am doing an as built, so I am reproducing it as accurately as possible for future needs.  My wife would like an addition in a year or two, and I think it would be great for us to be able to design what we want and see how it looks before we turn it over to an architect to design it.  And I am sure an architect would appreciate knowing exactly what we're looking for and what he's working with.


Also I can design our new deck and the patio my wife wants too.  And I can always have an up-to-date drawing of our house!


The second wall you deleted is a furred wall.  The basement has CMU block 36" from the floor.  On the interior of that is a 4" furred wall.  Photo 3 shows this in the corner of the basement.


As for he no ceiling in the basement.  I think I accidentally changed something somewhere that states the floor trusses are not visible?  I cannot find the setting, so I don't know.  I have looked.  But the basement currently has a ceiling finish of 0," so it will not show any drywall.  I have not started on the basement yet other than the furred walls and foyer area.


When the lower half of the interior garage wall did not change to interior 4 but stayed as exterior siding, I have no idea how that happened.  That has to be a default somewhere and I have been fighting that since day 1.  I have looked through the reference manual many times and I cannot find where that particular default is.  No matter what I do, it doesn't change!


Thank you again for the video, I am sorry that you even had to do it and guess.  But I did learn from it and I did correct my problem because of it.  Thank you.




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I initially altered the wall poly-lines but a better solution is to make the offending walls pony walls without altering their poly lines except to align their split layers after converting them to pony-walls. You can replace the wall I made invisible and then place a doorway for the stairs to pass through. Off set wall poly-lines come into play when you have a split entry, multi-level floors it just comes with that turf. 



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