more realistic walk throughs?


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Have you had a chance to check out Camtasia yet?  It sounds like you may be wanting a bit more than just a walkthrough, or even  a video for that matter.  Also, have you dealt with U3D or 3D PDF files?  I feel that this format is far better for both bidding processes and construction info as well.


With the 3D PDF file the user can access any part of the model at any time to verify the design. 

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Yes, I did, then I discovered Lumion that is when the confusion first started. :) Are you saying it may be better for long tech presentations? Now with a 3D mouse it may be all that is needed: $162: Are the others mentioned here only for short high quality videos? 


I'd like a vid that can show a full up sequential build like a time lapse but a little slower, then I could narrate the sequence step-by-step. Our jurisdiction does not do plan reviews we find out about code violations at inspections, it take some convincing to get permits. It may be a slow process getting away from drawing's but I'd like to start. Last city meeting they were looking at ways to track life cycles and never heard of BIMS. Many of my trades have done this a billion times to don't need to be held by the hand. I'd share the video on drive in a folder they can put there quotes in. Since the video would be more descriptive, along with any necessary 2D's, I expect bids to be more accurate, Eventually I'd house all aspects of my builds on goggle drive or in the cloud and call it BIMS or PLM (Product Life Cycle Management). 


Did you create a thread showing how to use U3D or 3D PDFS? Sure be nice to have an easy way to get prelim drawing's out to trades for quotes. 

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I have posted a few 3D PDF files, but I have not actually posted a how to on working with these files.


From what you are describing, the animations that I have seen that are similar were made using either Sketch Up or Blender to provide the animated geometry.  The rendering was then done in Octane render in order to speed up the production time.  There are probably other rendering and animation option available as well, it is just that I saw them on the Octane forum.  Not familiar enough with Lumion to know what it can do.


This same basic production process with the exception of only animating the camera itself can produce a walkthrough, but again there is the learning curve to deal with.


My own personal experience has taught me to keep the presentations as short as possible without missing any important details.  So, my focus is not on providing long presentations, but rather short and sweet along with 3D PDF files that allow the user to get to the information they need as quickly as possible.


Where I see the camera animation or walkthrough heading in hopefully the fairly near future is for the user to control the camera movement and the rendering will be done in real time using GPU technologies providing ray trace quality images.  Octane Render is set up to work along these lines, so long as you use a screen capture software.  Interactive real time rendering is where things appear to be heading.  The best solution to me would be for Chief to step up.

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Time = money is a true statement, but i've found it to be true in every sense.  You will get paid more the more you know, and the more you do.


I took the entire course by Lynda on Unreal, and I am convinced this is the way of the future for architecture.  What Unreal has that Lumion doesn't is the ability to have a video-game-like charter move and interact with the environment.  You could send a client the file of their home, and they can walk around freely in it (full rendered), open doors, turn on sinks/showers/tubs, turn lights on and off, and even jump in their cars to make sure they can easily drive in and out of the garage just fine.


Easy to use, pre-packaged scripts exist for everything I said above - but I can see where there is a fairly big learning curve on implementing this.  I've decided to learn Unreal and dump Lumion, although I am still not clear on how Unreal will get paid.  At this point it looks completely free, but that seems too good to be true (and you know the saying about that).

 Johnny, I was going back through this thread and did not see this post. This is all Chinese to me, so to get Unreal click "Get Unreal upper right of this page, join the EPIC community then there is a free download?


If you want a course sign up for a Lynda 10 day free trial, if not complete by then membership fees apply?

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This looks impressive, but its actually not that hard to do.  I downloaded a free version of Unreal and was shocked how easy it was - very similar to Lumion, but with more options.  This is going to give me some pause next time I have to upgrade Lumion.


The only real issue I am seeing with Unreal is the product licensing.  They provide the app for free, but they want a piece of the "royalty".  Im curious how this works for architectural.


Hi Johnny

My question is how do you export a 3D model from Chief to work on in the Unreal engine?

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